Fantasy Gift List

December 22, 2011 § 2 Comments

‘Tis the season to be greedy. And since tonight is already the third night of Hanukah, I’ve been thinking about gifts that I could only dream of receiving. Here’s a fantasy list of ten.

1. Matte Black R8 – One of my dream cars…So I could look like a combination of Batman/a Robot and drive really fast.

2. The Honeymoon House in Brazil from Twilight:Breaking Dawn- If you’ve seen the movie, you understand.

3. Ferretti 680- Who wouldn’t want a yacht… (that’s rhetorical).

4. Burberry Cashmere Blanket- For the ultimate cuddlefest.

5. DeBeers 5.16-Carat Blue Diamond Ring– It was sold recently at an auction in Hong Kong for $6.4M. What a shame– I think blue would have complemented my skin tone fabulously.

6. A Floating Bed- I think it would solve all of my sleeping problems.

7. LED Mirror with Built-In iPod Dock– Ideal for my future bathroom in my new apartment.

8. Jetlev R200 Water JetPack- WOW. I want to fly.

9. Fendi Bicycle- I have awful coordination so it would probably be for show. Like a museum in my house.

10. My Dream Man: Zach from the Real World’s body with Ryan Gosling’s personality, Jake Gyllenhaal’s eyes & hair, and Bryan Greenberg’s style.– I’ve put a lot of thought into this. Is it really too much to ask for?

Hope you get great gifts this holiday. If you get one from my list, don’t tell me because I’ll be very jealous.



December 8, 2011 § 1 Comment

About a year ago I was preparing to study abroad. I was lucky enough to live in London for 4 months, and visit a different city almost every weekend of my time there. Just wanted to share a few of my favorite photographs from moments in my travels. (I need a new camera *cough* Hannukah *cough*). Sorry, I think I’m getting a little cold.

The London Eye

Portobello Road, London

Borough Market, London

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Wales

Canal in Amsterdam

Bruschetta in Florence

San Gimignano, Tuscany

Coin from the Vatican City

Trevi Fountain, Rome

My sister, Jardin des Tuileries, Paris

6 Amazing Places

November 16, 2011 § 5 Comments

In the midst of my studying and counting down the hours until Thanksgiving break, I’m daydreaming about amazing vacation spots. I’d say I’m pretty well-traveled for a 21 year old, as I’ve been on a good amount of tropical family vacations and spent my last semester traveling throughout Europe, as I was living in London. But I still have quite a list of places I’ve yet to see, and would love to visit. Hope I can distract you from doing something important.

1. The Rock Restaurant in Zanzibar, Tanzania

I know what you’re thinking… what the heck is a Zanzibar?! I wouldn’t know either if it weren’t for my dad. I think he shares my passion for mid-work daydreams. He found amazing images of this small island (off the coast of Tanzania) while playing around on Google Earth. To get to this restaurant, you either have to swim or sail. You don’t have to decide now, wait until you get there.

2. Santorini, Greece

Greece was the ONE country I was absolutely dying to go to, and didn’t get to while I was in Europe. Just look at that amazing blue water. Santorini is unfortunately now one of the most touristy cities in Greece. But it still looks breathtakingly beautiful. And I love spinach pie.

3. Hardangerfjord, Norway

Doesn’t this look fake? This is the third largest fjord in the world. What is a fjord, you may ask? A fjord is created after a glacier splits, leaving a narrow inlet with steep cliffs surrounding. There are tours throughout Norway that take you to various fjords for hiking and boating. I fell in love with this one.

4. Capetown, South Africa

In my European travels, on a trip to Amsterdam, a few friends and I met some very handsome men from Capetown. They told us they had jetskis, boats, surfboards all this other great stuff, and that if we ever came to Capetown, we were welcome to stay with them and that they’d teach us how to surf. They might have been lying, but as a major water-sports lover, I’d like to think I could take them up on their offer when I am planning my trip here.

5. Iguazu Falls, Brazil/Argentina

This is Iguazu Falls, which is located on the border of Brazil and Argentina. You can either take a helicopter or boat around the waterfall, and apparently the rainbows are pretty common. Doesn’t it look fake?

6. Mont Saint-Michel, France

This photograph gives me the chills, it’s so beautiful. This is an island. The population is 41. In 1789, it was used as a prison during the French Revolution. Of course, now, there are tours here from Paris. There is also a nightclub on this island. That makes me kind of sad. Maybe someday I’ll just buy the whole island.

Hope you’ve learned something new and done some good daydreaming. Any places you think I’d enjoy taking a look at? Feel free to comment.

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