About the Writer

My name is Riana Zimmerman. I am currently working for Jane Creative in New York, as a junior social media coordinator.  I graduated from Boston University in January ’12 with a Bachelors of Science in Communication and Liberal Arts Minor degree in Psychology.

I’ve always loved writing, but have felt very limited when creating blogs as I have given them certain themes that I found difficult to keep consistent. I have a wide variety of interests– everything from running, exercise, and healthy living, to beauty, style and menswear, to travel, music, and of course, food. Working in the field of digital marketing also brings on an entirely different department of interests. From social media, luxury advertising, and the communications industry as a whole, I am very interested in the field and am constantly seeking to learn more.

I created “Fantasticality” in October 2011 in an attempt to create a page in which I could write about anything I please, in the encompassing classification of a “lifestyle” blog.

I appreciate constructive criticism and value a good argument. So if you agree/disagree/would like to hear more about any of the topics I discuss on my blog, just leave a comment!

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