Valentine’s Day Noms

February 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

I said in my first Valentine’s Day Post (4 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day When You’re Single) that I was going to bake this weekend… So I ended up making the Cookie/Cake pops from Bakingdom that I blogged about. They were very time consuming, as I spent most of my Sunday making them, but they came out DELICIOUS and very pretty. Not as neat as the ones from the blog but still pretty cute.

One of my favorites (photo taken on Instagram)

I didn’t put sticks in them, so they are just cookie sandwiches. I still filled them with the mixture of cake and frosting, dipped them in pink candy melts and sprinkles, and then stamped a few with rubber stampers painted with food decorators. However, I did try something different! I made some of the cookies tye-dye.

I started by making 4 different color doughs, which I colored using Neon food coloring.

I made pink, blue, green, and purple. Then, I made different batches of cookies, some out of a mixture of colors, and some out of just a single color. I used two heart-shaped cookie cutters to cut the cookies into thin hearts. Then I baked them. The trick was to only bake them for 8 minutes since they were so thin and could burn easily.

After I let all of them cool, I stamped a few. Then, I assembled them with the cake-frosting mixture, refrigerated them, and decorated them. It took a long time, as I said earlier, but they were definitely worth it. The sugar cookies were easy to make and were delicious. You can get the recipe for those on Bakingdom also (right here).

Here are some more pictures of the final products:

Special thanks to Bakingdom for the recipe! You can get the full recipe here: Valentine’s Day Cookie Cake Pops!


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