That’s Not So College

December 16, 2011 § 1 Comment

That’s Manhattan, in case you didn’t know. Isn’t she pretty?

So I’m in my final days here at Boston University. I recently received the amazing news that I got my very first dream job in Manhattan. Life’s pretty good right now. Everyone keeps asking me if I’m nervous/scared/going to miss college life. My answer: Nah, I’m ready to move on. Why, you might ask?

1. I like being productive.

College gives you the false realization that spending Fridays (or weekends, or other days you don’t have class) in bed all day is okay. For some people, that might float your boat. The thing is, when you actually get a 9-5 (or 9-7, or 8-6, or 10-5 if you’re lucky but you get what I’m saying), this doesn’t really fly. You’re gonna have to get out of bed. And if you want to look good, you’re going to have to get out of bed even earlier in order to get your butt to the gym.

2. I like meeting new people.

Though I was never that girl with an enormous network of “friends,” I’ve acquired a satisfying number of homies that I truly enjoy spending time with/catching up with/hearing from. I’m the type of person who really likes to get to know people and connect with them on different levels, and I don’t mean the level of chillin’ at the frat party holding the funnel up for them. I’ll stay in touch with you if you’re meaningful to me (is that harsh?), but I’m also excited to meet new acquaintances who are in this “grown-up” world that I’m about to enter.

3. I’m going to be in the greatest city in the world.

I’ve done a lot of traveling. Manhattan is, in my opinion, the greatest city in the world. If you know me, you’ve heard me changing my mind about where I want to be about 5 or 6 different times (I want to be in Boston! Oh no, I’m going to San Francisco. Actually I want to go Atlanta). When it comes down to it though, I could never refuse an offer of living in the city with the best…well… everything. Sorry Boston, the food here kinda sucks. I could write another post on why Manhattan is the best city in the world. Can’t fit that all into one little paragraph.

4. I have an amazing opportunity.

The growing field of social media is one you should really be familiar with, as it is taking over a good chunk of the advertising/marketing world. And I will be immersed in it while simultaneously working with some amazing fashion brands. I am SO enthused to be working for a company that offers services that I am so highly passionate about. I’m so lucky to be getting this opportunity, especially straight out of school. I wouldn’t prefer to be doing anything else. (I’ll be working for Jane Creative– check out their awesome website.)

So if you were kind of confused about why I am “over college,” there are a few of my major reasons. I’m sure you could see my point of view. If not, it’s cool. I just hope you remember to set your alarm the night before you decide to enter the real world.


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  • rissable says:

    I totally get the idea of wanting to get on with it. I think you are very brave to move on from college a semester early and absolutely privileged to be starting a job in your chosen profession. I may be a bit biased but I can’t help but say it….YOU ARE AN AMAZING YOUNG WOMAN! xxoo (Mommy)

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