November 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

Though today is a crazy day in my house (as we have annual turkey day Olympics with cranberry sauce-flinging fights and sleigh riding races with frozen turkeys used as the sleighs, all occurring as my mom prepares a meal for ten) I wanted to write a quick post about what I am thankful for.


our Thanksgiving table at my house

Whenever I’m home, I always realize how much I appreciate my family. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it brings everyone together over delicious food and the sole reason of appreciating everything. I’m writing this from my iPhone (which I’m extremely thankful for) so I will make it kind of short. Perhaps it will serve as a reminder of things you should appreciate, that you might not normally think of.

1. Family
2. Friends- specifically the ones who make me laugh, smile, and listen to/advise me in times of need
3. The ability to run
4. Health
5. Creativity
6. Optimism
7. Education
8. Freckles (they are helpful in those despairing times of blemishes)
9. Laughing
10. The ability to love
11. Passion
12. Being caring
13. Morals
14. Sun
15. The changing leaves
16. My dog, Ralph (even though he runs away from me and I have to chase him and restrain him in a straight jacket so I can cuddle with him)


Be appreciative for what you have, especially today! Eat lots of turkey and potatoes and carby things. I was kidding about the Olympics, I’m not THAT weird.


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