Humans Shouldn’t Hibernate

November 9, 2011 § 3 Comments

Winter is for hibernation… if you are a bear. We are not bears! We should NOT hibernate!

He does look pretty cozy though…

It’s common to pack on a few pounds in the winter for a variety of reasons. For me, I always gained weight in the winter because I became lazier about exercising. This winter, I have a game plan.

Every December, my family takes a trip to St. Martin. Yes, this should be enough of an inspiration for me to stay in shape. However, in the past, I’d managed to gain a few pounds just from coming back to school from the summer (when I usually get in shape). As early-December would hit, I’d think up some crazy diet plan where I’d attempt to lose 15 pounds in 2-3 weeks. Would it work? No. Never. This time, I figure if I prevent the weight gain in the first place, it will be easier to get into extra good shape for my vacation.

How have I been staying in shape? I’ve been continuing my runs and work-outs from the summer regularly, attempting to run a long run (8-12 miles) once a week, and 3-5 mile runs at least three times a week. I also lift weights once or twice a week, and box once or twice a week.

We’ve been blessed on the East Coast with this weather of the past few days, but we all know what’s coming. The miserable sub-zero temperatures, snow, and ice. Running 8-12 miles in that will not be fun. But definitely worth it. Especially if I’m prepared.

Don’t stop or slow your exercise just because it is getting cold out! If you aren’t into running outside, go ahead and run on the indoor track! The indoor track isn’t really my friend. He’s too boring and dull for my taste. Might have to hang with him a couple times if it’s too cold out though.

If you’re interested in taking up running or continuing your runs into the cold temperatures, be prepared! Layering is KEY! Here are a few essentials to get you started for running in cold weather:

 (Women’s H20 Puffer Vest, Nike, $90,

(Women’s Brisk Run Gloves, lululemon, $28,

(Women’s Seamless Athletic T, C9 by Champion, $24.99,

(Women’s Base Layer Legging, New Balance, $27.99,

(Men’s Thermal Half-Zip Running Shirt, Nike, $75,

(Men’s Livestrong Training Pants, Nike, $50,

(Unisex Dri-Fit Lightweight Running Headband, Nike, $15,

If you don’t bundle up for those freezing temperatures, you won’t stand a chance against Hypothermia. But if it’s absolutely, bone-chillingly, PAINFULLY freezing… if you don’t have the right amount of layers available to you, or you’re just plain scared, pay the indoor track or treadmill a visit instead.


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