A Battle on Style: Flash vs. Accent

October 29, 2011 § 1 Comment

The other day, a friend and I were taking a stroll on Newbury street. We passed by an older woman in a black and white, sweater, which was emblazoned with a gigantic, classic Chanel logo (the double C’s), and matching flats. We had the courtesy of waiting until she walked away, then we looked at each other and laughed.

In London, they’d call her a chav (via Wikipedia: Chavs are widely known for their sporting attire and counterfeit designer clothing).


Here, I’d just say that she looked sort of ridiculous, regardless of her attire being fake or not.

Modesty is so underrated these days. It is unfortunate that so many people are raised to believe that $ = class = style. Everyone likes nice things. I LOVE nice things (yes this is a blog largely devoted to luxurious lifestyle). But diamonds on diamonds on diamonds does not = style. Chanel on Chanel on Chanel does not = style. I’m not going to lecture you on style right now. I’m just going to express my opinion that I believe one does not need to pile on the designer clothes & accessories & jewelry in order to look stylish.

I think bags & jewelry & shoes, even a coat can accent an outfit. (For guys: a belt, pair of shoes, coat, even a nice watch can be an accent). But I don’t think an outfit should be based on large obnoxious logos. White is good, black is good. Jeans are good. Throw on a sweater or another accentual piece (girls: jewelry, a bag, shoes). Leather is good (keep the top basic if you are wearing leather on the bottom). Same goes for colored denim. (WEAR THE MAROON JEANS! Just take it easy on the color for the rest of your outfit). Color blocking is great but it’s almost winter people. Too much color blocking + too much snow on the ground = too much contrast = do you want people’s eyes to sting when they look at you?

Simplicity can be beautiful. Plus, when you’ve got such a beautiful face, why would you want people’s eyes to be wandering all over you (hehe). LOOK how beautiful Leo looks in this peacoat (photo from October ’11 GQ). So simple yet so….. AMAZING (drool). Oh boy… and the hair? Perfection. Don’t get me started. I’ll do another post on hair.

 Blake Lively… who?

Actually, Blake Lively, too. She looks great keeping it simple but accenting her outfit with a pumpkin, hat, & great shoes. Who needs a Chanel bag? Actually, she has that too so never mind…You get the point. (I like Leo’s hair better though.)

The unfortunate thing about fashion/style blogs is that many of the best style blogs emphasize the designer goods in mass quantities per outfit. But if you take anything from a style blog, take the fact that you should accent your wardrobe with designer pieces (if you can afford. If you cannot, alternatives are doable!). You should not adorn yourself with as much as possible. Here are a few go-to’s for simple yet stylish attire. Rag & Bone has the most amazing shoes — easy accents for any outfit and any occasion (my personal favorite). Enjoy:




Oh, and clearly Accents (& Leo) win the battle. Even though Blake Lively’s jeans are Rag & Bone.


Now Zombie Boy Can Be Whatever He Wants for Halloween

October 29, 2011 § 1 Comment

Check out this ad for Loreal’s Dermablend Professional Concealing Makeup starring Rico Genest (AKA Zombie Boy). Absolutely crazy.

That’s some good stuff.
Ad by Agence Tuxedo in Montreal

Pump Iron & RUN (Or just Party).

October 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

About to hit the gym/run/GO OUT and need the perfect playlist to get that heart rate up?

Check this out:


Unfortunately I could not embed the actual playlist into the post, so I hope you will click it to play! It’s worth it.


Girls On Film: H&M Fall Winter ’11

October 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

What captures consumers’ attention? Leggy blondes. Simplicity. A good beat.

I think this video does a fabulous job capturing the essence of H&M’s Winter ’11 collection without any extraneous glitz & schmaltz. It’s catchy, and not the only one in the campaign.

I think one good of way of measuring the success of a campaign (besides sales) is if you actually want to leave it on your television and let it play all the way through. My sister and I even tried to download the song, but we haven’t yet found this version.

H&M has created a variety of commercials just like this one, but each uses a variation on the “Girls on Film” (Duran Duran) song. The commercials aren’t too short or too long, and that coat looks so great on Anja Rubik, I’d definitely look into purchasing one of the coats from this collection. Well done, H&M.

The Plaid Shirt: Inspired By…

October 25, 2011 § 1 Comment

Style is so important. We are surrounded by people, events, objects, etc. that inspire our style. I have always been very interested in fashion, but in a different way than the future fashion designers and bloggers of our time.

Men’s fashion is a recent passion that I’ve taken up. I have always found it deeply attractive when a man knows how to dress. Everything from pea coats to wingtips to a fresh pair of dark wash jeans– it all makes the man. For me, a guy really stands out if he knows how to present himself, and I don’t just mean as a businessman.

Somedays I even find it easier to be inspired by men’s fashion than to search my closet for the perfect combination of silk, leather, jean, accessories, a handbag, and perfectly done hair to match. Don’t get me wrong, I love my six-inch heels and maxi skirts, but I find men’s fashion so much more wearable some days.

Let’s take a basic plaid shirt. Maybe I’m biased because he stars in one of my favorite shows (How to Make it In America), but the first person that pops into my head is Bryan Greenberg. Whether you are a male or a female, you can’t deny that the man can wear a plaid shirt VERY well.

I think he’s a great inspiration to other guys because he shows how easy it is to pull off something as basic as a button-down. Sometimes I see the button-downs guys choose and I have to bite my tongue in order to avoid asking them if their attire was influenced by their mother’s curtains… but we won’t go there right now. I’ll finish off my commenting on BG’s style by advising guys to pick a button-down that fits well, doesn’t have any crazy color combinations or other adornments, and polishes but doesn’t look swanky.

Ladies can be inspired by BG’s style as well, without looking sloppy or masculine. How? Well, we’ve all seen the girls with the plaid shirt and jeans and boots. That look is easy, and cute, but if you want to step it up a notch, check out Manrepeller.

Here, the Leandra “Man Repeller” Medine herself, models one of her impeccable style creations. The plaid jacket (The Hellers) complements the classicality of the black and white. The shoes (Thakoon) are very Autumn. The bag speaks for itself (what outfit doesn’t look good with a Chanel purse next to it?). The fabulous thing about Man Repeller, which I believe distinguishes her from other style icons of our decade, is that she teaches you how to make things more wearable by layering as much or as little as you’d like (though I’m sure she’d vouch for the former).

As inspiring as she is, sometimes I just find it easier to stick with the simply & classic men’s style, with minimal accessories and a focus on the good old shirt n’ jeans combo.

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