3 Cool Google+ Features

May 16, 2012 § 1 Comment

Since it was launched in June 2011, Google+’s project launch has not exactly attracted users as the company intended. Many were quick to join Google+, but the success slowly faded as users and media leaders alike were quick to criticize its functions and mark it as a shortcoming in comparison to its social media predecessors. Because many users were not taking the time to get acquainted with Google+, its appealing features were left unexplored and were simply compared it to its predecessors. Before you take part in the criticism, or dismiss the idea of getting involved, introduce yourself to some pretty cool features that Google+ has to offer.


If you’re sharing links/images/anything on Google+, breaking your connections up into Circles a great way to target certain users and prevent overshare with others. It is also much easier to break up your friends list into Circles than it is to select Facebook friends for groups/friend lists (thanks to Google’s quest to simplify interaction). Companies and brands could definitely take advantage of this feature by targeting customers of a certain demographic for specific posts.

image via GeekyGadgets.com


Hangouts is an awesome way to video chat with a group of people. From catching up with a couple of friends to giving a cooking lesson to an audience, Hangouts can definitely be very useful. Brands could take advantage of this feature in many ways. Celebrities could host short Q & A sessions with select circles to show their fans some love. New start-ups could introduce themselves to potential/new customers. Fashion companies could give loyal followers a preview of new collections. This is definitely a hot feature that I predict will gain popularity as people take the time to explore it.


Sparks is an especially usable feature for people who are just beginning to use Google+. Its sort of a cross between Stumble Upon and a Google News search. You can search for a topic on the Google+ home screen and then select “Sparks” to see hot new articles. However, because it uses boolean logic and bases results off of your interests and demographics, it is more likely that the list of results will “spark” your interest. A few great things about Sparks is that: 1) you can easily share one of these links with your circles without copy/pasting any links, and 2) you can create a personalized feed of articles by adding results to your interests.

I’ll be the first person to admit that Google did not necessarily use the simplest of techniques to present these features to users. It took some digging for me to find them/learn how to use them. But I think if a company or brand wants to really get ahead of the competition and do something to captivate an audience, there’s definitely potential in investing time into Google+.

I’m looking forward to seeing how brands use Google+ to enhance their social media presence. Have you seen a specific brand use Google+ in wow-worthy way?


Natural Spring Beauty

April 24, 2012 § 2 Comments

One of the best parts of the warmer weather is the beauty options that pair perfectly with the tan skin and colorful clothing. I’ve never been a fan of wearing a lot of makeup and I usually try to go for a subtle or natural look.  Lately I’m loving the look of glowing skin, especially for the evening. I’m also a big fan of brightly colored lips to go with a natural or subtle eye. There are many different ways of achieving a natural look without sacrificing makeup altogether. I also have a few favorite cosmetics that I enjoy using to create my own natural/glowing look, which you can check out at the bottom of this post.

Here are a few of my favorite celebrity natural/subtle beauty looks:

Miley Cyrus with short ombre hair and a natural beauty look

First of all, I love Miley’s haircut. I think the short hair gives her a much classier look and really looks stunning with the long gowns she’s been wearing to red carpet events lately. I love her makeup, especially her glowing, bronze skin, nude lip color highlighted with some pink gloss, and the way it complements those pretty blue eyes.

Rooney Mara with illuminated skin and red lips

Rooney Mara has a very unique look and I think she plays it up well. Her pale skin looks great with the hint of pink blush. Her soft eye makeup looks very chic paired with the lip color, a distinguished red with a tint of pink. Her haircut is was (she recently went ombre!) very different, but I think she almost always pulls it off in a classy way.

Emma Stone with blonde hair and glowing skin

I wasn’t sure how I felt about Emma Stone’s hair when it was bleach blonde, but I think she looks very pretty with the soft makeup and nude/pink lips. The matching blush complements the lip and hair colors, as well as her light peach dress. Her skin looks glowing and smooth, but its a shame she covered up all of those cute freckles! I think this was a great look for her, but very different from what she normally goes for.

Amanda Seyfried with wavy hair and red lips

Amanda Seyfried has beautiful hair and I think it looks so pretty like this! It looks as though she is wearing barely any makeup except some light mascara, eye shadow, and probably foundation. The red lips look gorgeous with her natural face.

Elizabeth Olsen's Natural Look

Elizabeth Olsen has a very captivating face, even more so when she has such a natural look. I love the traces of freckles and the mauve lips. The blush complements her light eye color and lastly, her hair looks very natural. Can you tell she is my favorite Olsen?

Here’s a selection of my favorite beauty products that I use to achieve my own natural glowing look. I don’t really change my makeup very much but recently have been adding a few products to my daily mix to achieve a bronze glow and a natural, glossy lip. I’m always open to receiving recommendations for other great beauty products that can be used to enhance the natural look!

My Favorite Spring Beauty Picks

1- Benefit “Sun Beam” highlighter, $26, benefitcosmetics.com

2- Maybelline “Baby Lips” in Peach Kiss, $3, target.com

3- YSL “Golden Gloss” in Golden Peony, 30$, sephora.com

4- Maybelline “Volum’ Express Falsies” in Blackest Black, $6, soap.com

5- Dior “Original Tan” bronzer in 002 Honey Tan, $46, nordstrom.com

6- Tarte “Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush” in Amused, $25, sephora.com

7- Sephora “Long-Lasting Eye Liner” in 01 Black, $11, sephora.com

Note: I’m a brunette with tan skin so if you have a different skin/hair color you may want to go with other color choices. I’d recommend trying out the products before purchasing so you can see how they look/wear on your skin.

Google’s Project Glass: One Day…

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This reminds me of the book Feed. However, it’s a lot less scary than the book. Is this really what the future holds for us? I think we would become way too lazy.

Client: Google

Agency: NA

Currently Coveting: Spring/Summer Accessories

April 2, 2012 § 1 Comment

The weather we’ve been having is pretty crazy, however even the slightest bit of sun and early blooms have definitely gotten me itching for summer time. Here are the top 5 accessories that are on my list for the upcoming season.

1. Printed Aviators

Warby Parker CrawfordWarby Parker x Suno “Crawford”, $175, warbyparker.com

Though I’ve usually thought of myself as a standard, black/tortoise wayfarers type of girl, my style is slowly shifting as I’ve developed an appreciation for details, prints, and color. These are great for adding a little extra something to any spring or summer outfit and they could even be worn in the fall season.

2. Bright Clutch

Anya Hindmarch Valorie

Anya Hindmarch “Valorie”, $395, net-a-porter.com

Ever since last year, when I had the opportunity to work as a PR intern at Anya Hindmarch, I have absolutely loved this clutch. It is made of a matte rubber material, which gives it a unique look. The color is obviously very bright, but the bag itself is small enough to complement a neutral dress with the slightest feminine touch. It’s a perfect accessory for people, such as myself, who were hesitant to get into the color trend as a result of being so accustomed to wearing neutrals and darks!

3. Mint Scarf

Rag and Bone Clement

Rag & Bone “Clement Scarf,” $115, rag-bone.com

I think a spring scarf is one of the best transitional pieces. From a tan leather jacket to a colorful blouse, this mint scarf would look great with many things from my spring wardrobe. I love the color because it is a subtle pastel, yet is rich enough to add some flair to a casual look of denim and a neutral-colored shirt.

4. White Nail Polish

Nars EcumeNars “Ecume,” $18, beauty.com

Technically this is a beauty product, but polished nails really complete a look… so lets call the polish a faux-accessory. I never thought I’d make the full transformation from dark nails to completely white ones, but I tried out Barielle’s “Enduring” this weekend and I must say, besides the chipping, I’m loving it! I really owe the infatuation to the Nars polish though, because it was the first white polish to catch my eye. Perhaps I should make the purchase instead of going with the salon version.

5. Statement Ring

Bauble Bar Cameo RingBauble Bar “Cameo Ring,” $162, baublebar.com

As I’ve become more fascinated with adding color to my outfits, I’ve also developed a stronger appreciation for jewelry. Bauble Bar has a great selection of pieces in all different prices ranges. I especially love this ring because it is classic-looking, but the textured resin setting makes it stand out from the average cameo piece. I also think it would look great with white nails.

Why We’ve Got Dating All Wrong

March 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

For us single 20-somethings, the dating world can be kind of scary: meeting new people, putting yourself out there… For many, this is a bizarre concept to envision and they might find it easier to just stick with old dating habits. Though these habits may seem easier and more comfortable, they may not necessarily be the healthiest/best option.

When you meet someone new, and are dating or getting to know him/her, there’s a chance he/she might won’t text you back/won’t want to go on a second date/will turn out to be a complete jerk/(other crappy situation goes here). Any of these scenarios can be difficult to deal with because we often assume that we are being rejected. I think this is a poor way to look at the situation, because in reality it probably has nothing to do with you!

Think of your own dating life/experiences you’ve had. Chances are they have not all been positive. I’ve met too many scarred individuals who loved and lost, and then live by some sort of stigma where they hate love/dating/males/females.  Why do our experiences need to have such lasting effects on our futures in dating? Why can’t we accept that just because one of our relationships did not work out, doesn’t mean that all of our relationships in the future will be just as painful?

You may be reading this and thinking to yourself that what I’m saying is more easily said than done, or that I am oversimplifying things. But all I’m really saying is this: There are over 7 billion people living on our planet. People are meant to be with people– we’re meant to experience things and events and try new things and just live our lives, with other people.

I’m not saying we MUST constantly have someone to be with. I’m saying that we should be more open to putting ourselves out there, which means accepting the risks and picking ourselves up quickly when things don’t go as we would have liked. If you remove all of the sugar coating off of this post, I’m basically just telling you to GET OVER IT and MOVE ON.

There are so many people who have loved and lost. So it didn’t work out with this person. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and go meet new people until you find someone that you really click with. Because you won’t be this good-looking, spontaneous, and humorous forever. Go put it to good use.

Currently Coveting: Spring Essentials

March 2, 2012 § 2 Comments

Happy Friday! You’re all thinking about weekend plans… I’m thinking about leather and purple shoes. Here’s a list of my top 5 wants/NEEDS as of right now.

1. Romantic Leather Skirt


Acne, $1400, net-a-porter.com

The perfect combination of girly and chic. I love how pleated leather looks, especially this rich tan color. This would be a great skirt for a day-to-night transitional look, with a sleeveless white blouse and black pumps. Currently searching for a more moderately priced leather skirt, if you spot one give me a holla.

2. Purple Suede Peep-Toe Pumps

B_Brian_Atwood_PumpsB Brian Atwood, $350, saksfifthavenue.com

I don’t usually wear a lot of color but I absolutely love the rich, saturated hues that I’m seeing from S/S ’12 collections. These are so cool, if they go on sale I’ll have to figure out a way to make them work.

3. Best sneakers ever

Maison_Martin_Margiela_SneaksMaison Martin Margiela, $615, net-a-porter.com

Yeah I know these are probably the complete opposite of those purple pumps, but I LOVE them. I was a big dunks fan back in the day and these take high-tops to a whole different level. Want them on my feet now.

4. Monogram Necklace


Bauble Bar, $56, baublebar.com

This necklace is perfect for my sudden obsession with color. Can’t decide which color I love the most but I will definitely be ordering one of these soon.

5. Sleeveless Python-Print Blouse


Equipment, $208, farfetch.com

I love button-down blouses…They’re definitely one of my go-to items for a look that can be worn both in the office or when going out at night. Equipment ones are especially gorgeous and very well-made. I love this sleeveless one and the python print would go nicely with leather pants or a pair of jeans. It would also look cute with a white sweater layered over it so the collar peeps out on the top, especially on one of these chilly days.

Karlie Kloss: Americana Manhasset SS ’12

February 22, 2012 § 2 Comments

This 50’s style lookbook, featuring Karlie Kloss and Simon Nessman is very fresh and original. The radiant colors look amazing on Karlie. She has the most interesting face and delicate features. Sorry, but the male model is simply a prop in this campaign.